About The Logo


In the early days, PEM was without a logo. PEM's first logo was designed by Karn Thearn Aun, then working in the University of Malaya Press. The alphabets (PEM) in the logo reflect a figure of a man and a woman and symbolized an association of people with similar interests.

In April 1989, PEM had a new "Face". Encik Johan Ariff of Johan Design Associates Sdn Bhd created the new PEM-MEA logo.

Logo Rational : The logo is typographic, made up of initials "PEM" standing for Persatuan Ekonomi Malaysia and "MEA" for Malaysian Economic Association. Its development is a well conceived mirror image situation of typographic elements flanking left and right and held together by a common denominator "e". The design embodies symmetry and balance to impart a sense of equilibrium and order essential in reflecting the stability of a body, in this particular case, the Malaysian Economic Association. The blue and red are part of the component colours of our national flag. The placement of blue is designed to create homogeneity through connected line, while the red provides accent for balance and enhancement. The logo is regarded as a typical signature in an identity system.

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