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The Malaysian Economic Association (MEA) or Persatuan Ekonomi Malaysia (PEM) was founded in 1962 by professional economists from the University of Malaya, the public sector and industry. Members include academics and a growing number from the administrative and public services; and from private-sector organizations in the banking, industrial and manufacturing, and other sectors. MEA organizes activities and events on a regular basis. The annual Post-Budget Dialogue with the Secretary-General, Ministry of Finance; and the annual Address by the Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia in conjunction with the release of the Bank’s Annual Report, have always been well received by a cross-section of Malaysians and members of the international community. To assist in national strategies and problem solving, MEA organizes conventions, seminars, talks, forums and round-table discussions on topics of national economic importance for immediate and future action. These activities are often held in conjunction with academic and research bodies, and organizations in the public and private sectors. An example is the MEA Forum on National Economic Governance: Role of Parliamentary Committees held on 11 August 2016, with assistance from the Australian High Commission and United Kingdom High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, and theWestminster Foundation for Democracy. In recent years, MEA has issued strictly professional statements on socio-economic issues that are of importance to the nation.


Stimulate public interest in economics. Encourage the study and discussion of economic problems in an objective and professional manner, with special reference to Malaysia. Provide a forum for persons interested in economics to exchange ideas. Issue an economic journal and other publications to disseminate scholarly information. Collect or otherwise acquire financial resources for education and research in economics, and for charitable purposes. Establish and maintain trusts and foundations in furtherance of the Association’s objectives. Undertake such economic activities as MEA deems appropriate for the furtherance, promotion and execution of the aforesaid objectives.

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